Did You Know 40,000 Parasites Are Exchanged During French Kissing?

French kissing, a passionate moment between a couple, yet an exchange of substances, the thought of which is enough to make you gag!

French Kissing 40 000 parasites

It is thought that around 40,000 parasites and 250 different types of bacteria are exchanged during French kissing. That is according to scientists who conducted the study in Sweden.

If you really want to know some specifics of what exactly is exchanged then brace yourself for this. It’s around 0.45 grams of fat, 0.7 grams of protein and 0.19 grams of other ‘organic substances’.

The study is from 2005 so maybe things have changed since then. Of course people with different lifestyles may have different ‘exchange rates’ but let’s leave that for the researchers to deal with!

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