Did You Know Ronaldinho Once Scored 23 Goals In One Game?

Ronaldinho Gaucho will go down as one of the greatest players ever to the grace the game of football (soccer for the rest of you). Yet little is known about the Ronaldinho 23 goals episode which boosted him into the limelight.

Ronaldinho Scored 23 Goals

His skilful demeanour was developed from playing futsal and beach football at a young age. But unlike most, he was able to transfer his skills from those formats to the mainstream game of football. This maybe why he is regarded as the most skilful player to ever play the game.

One of the extraordinary achievements of Ronaldinho was scoring 23 goals against a local team when he was aged 13. The final score for the game was, yes you guessed it, 23-0.

This caused a media frenzy putting Ronaldinho in the spotlight for the first time.

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