Did You Know Robbers In Japan Left A Thank-you Note After A Bank Heist?

When robbers in Japan stole 540 million yen from the Fukutoku Bank in Kobe on August 1994, the last thing the bank was expecting was a thank you note a week later!

Japanese Bank Robbers Say Thank You

The note read ‘Thank you for the bonus, we can live on this loot for life.’

At the time, it was the biggest heist in Japan’s history, thought to be equivalent to around $5.4 million today.

No one was ever convicted for the robbery and the case is now closed as the 7 year period in which someone must be tried for the crime has passed.

A man by the name of Yoshihiro Morimoto is the alleged suspect and was arrested in a separate robbery attempt where he tried to steal cash containers from parking lot of a different bank.

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