Did You Know Calvin Klein’s Obsession Scent Attracts Wild Cats Towards It?

Planning on going for an open Safari? Don’t wear the Obsession scent by Calvin Klein because it attracts the big cats! Yes we’re talking jaguars and cheetahs. Even other wild animals.

Calvin Klein Obsession Attracts Wild Cats

Conservationists are always trying to lure in animals towards their hidden cameras to get a close up look at them. After much experimenting, they finally have found the scent which wild animals love.

Calvin Klein’s Obsession was found to be the most effective. For reasons unknown, animals such as leopards, pumas, cheetahs are all attracted to the scent.

The perfume is spread around the hidden cameras so the animals come right close up, giving an excellent snap shot.

Think it’s fair to say that the animals are obsessed with Calvin Klein…

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