Did You Know 29% Of San Francisco’s Air Pollution Is From China?

It’s hard to imagine how something in the air travels over 6000 miles but it has long been known that air pollution from China travels all the way to the United States.

However only recently have studies been able to give an estimate of how much travels. A whopping 29% of air pollution in San Francisco is accredited to China!

A study was conducted between 2007 and 2008 where the air pollution was monitored for certain elements in the San Francisco Bay area. One element of the air pollution which is found in eastern Asia, namely China, was found to jump between March and May.

This made sense as dust storms in Asia were most intense around this period.

Once the data from the 6 month survey had been analysed, the conclusion was that 29% of the air pollution was from China based on the particular pollutant.


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