Did You Know Ants Bury Their Dead In Their Own Version Of A Graveyard?

Not known to many, ants bury their dead all in one place, creating a sort of ant graveyard. We already know an ant’s work ethic and physical ability but this is simply amazing.

Ants Graveyard Oleic Acid

The interesting thing however is not the graveyard, it is how ants identify if a fellow ant is dead. When an ant dies, it’s body releases a chemical which signals to other ants that it is in fact dead. Only then will another ant pick it up and whisk it away to the graveyard.

Ants do this because the dead bodies release a lot of bacteria so concentrating them in one area prevents the bacteria from spreading.

A scientist managed to isolate the chemical responsible for the ‘death signal’ and it turned out to be oleic acid. So he decided to place some on top of a live ant and caused a frenzy.

Despite the ant being obviously alive, a passing ant picked it up and began transporting it to the graveyard even though it was kicking away and trying to break free. Whenever it returned, the same thing kept happening until it managed to clean itself of the scent.

Sounds like an ants version of the walking dead!


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