Did You Know An Unborn Baby Helps It’s Mother When Her Organs Become Damaged?

Imagine that, lending a helpful hand before even taking you’re first breath! That’s what scientists at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found in an experiment on mice.

Foetus Repairs Damaged Organs

They discovered that a foetus will send stem cells to it’s mother’s damaged organs where they specialise and in turn repair the damaged organ. This of course boosts the mother’s chance of survival and ultimately the baby’s.

The study consisted of making it so that the unborn babies had fluorescent body cells. The scientists then caused the pregnant mothers to have a heart attack which caused cell damage.

A couple of weeks later, the hearts of the mothers were examined and the fluorescent cells from the foetus were found. The stem cells from the foetus had transformed into heart cells and accelerated repair.

It is thought that this may be the reason as to why women who develop heart weakness during or after pregnancy recover rather quickly.

Isn’t nature amazing.

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