Did You Know A Family Adopted A Lioness Which Lived It’s Entire Life With Them?

You always hear of dangerous animals being adopted whilst young and then later released back into the wild or zoo as they grow older and more vicious. But this is a little different.

Blondie The Lioness Texan Family

Blondie being given a shower

In 1953, Mr Charles Hipp of Texas adopted Blondie the lioness when she was 12 weeks old. Blondie grew up with the Hipp family and never caused any major problems.

Blondie had her own station wagon for travelling, ate at the table with the family and even shared the same bathtub!

Blondie became a bit of a celebrity once Life Magazine published an article in 1955 about her living in harmony with a human family.

In 1968, after living a good life with the Hipp family, Blondie died of old age. She was remembered as a beloved member of the family.

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