Did You Know A Pair Of Twins That Were Separated At Birth Led Almost Identical Lives?

This bizarre yet amazing case is one of the leading evidences for the phenomenon of telepathy. A pair of twins who were separated when they were put up for adoption at birth ended up having very unlikely similarities in life.

Jim Twins Telepathy

Both adoptive families were unaware of each other until the twins were reunited 39 years later so there was no chance of influence on each other.

The adoptive parents of both families gave the name Jim to the twins. We’re talking crazy odds already here!

The twins both had married twice, with their first wives being named Linda and their second wives being named Betty. Now that’s eerie.

Jim Lewis named his son James Alan whereas Jim Springer named his son James Allen.

Both twins had a dog who they called Toy. They both even spent time as sheriff’s deputies.

The Jim twins enjoyed the same beer, smoked the same cigarettes and even drove the same make of car.

Was this down to identical genes? Does telepathy exist? Who knows after this peculiar case.



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