Did You Know In Ethiopia An Abducted Girl Was Saved By Lions?

The infamous child kidnappings of Ethiopia are all too well known. However a remarkable story of how a girl was saved by 3 lions may force criminals to think twice!

Lions Save Kidnapped Girl

A 12 year old girl was kidnapped by men trying to force her to marry one of them.  She had been beaten repeatedly by the offenders.

The criminals were scared away however when 3 lions approached them. The girl was then found by family and police.

Sgt Wondimu Wedajo spoke of how they found the girl and how the lions stood around guarding her. As they approached, the lions left and went back into the forest.

The lions had been guarding the girl for around half a day. To try and understand why the lions did not harm the girl, wildlife expert Stuart Williams of the Rural Development Ministry gives some insight.

He said that as the girl was most likely crying from the trauma, the whimpering may have been taken as the mewing sound of a cub by the lions and therefore did not proceed to harm her.

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