Did You Know A Woman Who Donated A Kidney To Her Boss Was Fired Shortly After?

Depending on a wide range of factors, you either find this amusing or quite sad. A woman was fired from her job not long after donating one of her kidneys for her former boss.

Woman Fired After Donating Kidney To Boss

Deborah Stevens knew her boss Jacqueline Brucia was on the waiting list for a kidney so offered to donate one of her own in order to bump her up on the list.

Her boss declined at first but at a later date requested Stevens to donate.

After Stevens had donated, she suffered from post-surgery complications.

Stevens had requested that she not be made to carry piles of documents more than 10 pounds and be allowed to leave for the bathroom without permission but the requests were rejected.

Stevens claims her former boss was complimentary towards her before the surgery but after became harsh and critical.

In the end, Stevens was dismissed for being ‘unproductive at her job’ as put by the company lawyer John Kelly.

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