Did You Know Some Japanese People Insure Themselves For Playing Golf?

Quite a number of Japanese golfers insure themselves to make sure they are covered in case the unthinkable happens, a hole-in-one.

Japanese Golfers Insurance

Well that’s because in Japan, a hole-in-one is seen as something extremely lucky. If you achieve a hole-in-one, it is a custom to distribute this luck. That is distribute it amongst you’re fellow golfers and friends.

The way it is distributed is in the form of gifts and also throwing a party. So as you can see the ‘albatross’, which is the Japanese term for hole-in-one can be quite expensive. You’re looking at around £7000 to spend on friends and golfers!

Imagine the scene, you complete a hole-in-one, the crowd is cheering thanks to you’re ‘luck’, then it finally hits you that you’re going to be a few quid out of pocket by the end of the week and that’s when you realise how unlucky you really are!

And that’s why Japanese golfers insure themselves.

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