Did You Know Jackie Chan Once Thought He Had Killed Someone?

Jackie Chan wanted to be a bouncer when he you was young and learned martial arts to help him achieve this ambition. However an event that led him petrified that he had killed someone made him change his mind.

Jackie Chan Thought He Killed Someone

When Jackie Chan was 18 years old, he was still at martial arts school. It was then when Jackie and a few of his friends became involved in a scuffle with motor bikers.

Things got physical with the bikers and Jackie Chan and his two friends ended up flooring all of the bikers! One of the people Jackie knocked out left him worried as he had no idea if he was unconscious or dead.

Jackie injured his hand and thought he had a bone sticking out in his hand but did not want to go the hospital because the police may have got involved and Jackie was still unsure if he had killed someone.

After two days, whilst trying push the bone back in, it popped out and it turned out it was actually the other guy’s tooth!

Jackie checked the papers continuously for the next month or so to see if any reports of a death were apparent but to his relief there were none.


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