Did You Know Buzz Aldrin’s Mother’s Middle Name Was Moon?

Wow, talk about coincidences. Well they don’t come bigger than this. Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s name was Marion Moon. I mean, Buzz was only the second man to walk on the moon…

Buzz Aldrin's Mother's Maiden Name Moon

His mother was the daughter of an Army Chaplain and his father was a colonel in the Air Force and also an aviation pioneer. So Buzz must have had plenty of encouragement from home to aim for the stars, but ended up on the moon.

Technically, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first people on the moon simultaneously because they landed in the same vehicle. However Armstrong must have beat him to the door to claim the title of the first moonwalker!



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  1. Aldrin’s mother committed ‘suicide’ just before his moon “walk”. Weird, aye? Apparently she couldn’t handle Buzz becoming famous( the thought, apparently). Which is strange, really. Even stranger is I can’t find any info on the details of her suicide, anywhere! How did she do it? Was it ever considered murder? I have a theory that 80-90% of websites dealing with the ‘moon walk’ are U.S/U.K psy-ops. Why? The way they’re set up to be as scientifically useless as possible, while being very high on emotionally charged description. Says a lot. Most people are looking for serious evidence that it occurred -not stupid threats from Aldrin to “punch out” ‘conspiracy theorists’ who ask questions that make that criminal loser wanna cry. But hey, emotion trumps science and fact every time in Isra…I mean, the good ole’ U.S.A..


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