Did You Know A Tennis Rally Once Lasted 643 Shots?

When we see a 25 shot really in this day and age, we consider ourselves lucky. However the longest tennis rally in history lasted for 643 shots, taking 29 minutes to complete!

Longest Tennis Rally In History

It’s hard to imagine how a rally can last so long, but the two players who were in the thick of it know all too well. Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner were the warriors who battled it out for a single point.

After a staggering 642 shots, Vicki Nelson finally decided she’d had enough and smashed a winner off a short lob.

The rally happened on September 24 1984 in the Virginia Slims sponsored Ginny tournament. The match itself turned out to be an epic, lasting 6 hours and 31 minutes, holding the record for the longest match completed in a single day.

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