Did You Know A Swedish Driver Received A Speeding Ticket Of 650,000 Euros?

A Swedish driver really did have to pay for his crime of breaking a speed limit, big time. He was fined 650,000 euros (£538,000).

Biggest Speeding Fine

The driver was apparently on his way back from Germany where he had just picked up his £140,000 Mercedes SLS AMG. The crime however was committed whilst driving through Switzerland.

The car was being driven so fast, many cameras failed to pick the vehicle up! It was only when a more modern camera clocked the car, the speed became apparent. Just under 300 km/h. Breath taking.

And unfortunately for the driver, the way fines are administered in Switzerland means the fine was just as extraordinary. The calculation is made by taking into account the speed of the vehicle and the offender’s income.

So one thing we have managed to gather is that this person was rich, very rich!

At the time of writing (June 2013) this is the largest speeding ticket ever administered.


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