Did You Know A Surfer Once Sued Another Surfer For Stealing His Wave?

Yes that’s right, a Californian surfer sued a fellow surfer as he was not happy when he stole his wave. The only thing that comes to mind is…hahahahahaha!

Surfer Sues Surfer For Stealing Wave

No we shouldn’t laugh really. Imagine the scene, you see the tide coming in, you ready yourself on the board, and just before the big moment, boom! Someone else comes in and rides you’re wave. You’d be quite vexed right?

You’re not just missing out on the fun, that’s also the limelight you’re missing out on right there!

Anyhow, the judge ruled that it could not be decided how much pain and suffering would be caused by watching someone ride you’re wave. Yes that wave that nature sent specifically for you!

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