Did You Know A Man Sued Guinness World Records For Naming Him As Person With The Most Lawsuits?

Most people would be over the moon to make it into the Guinness Book Of World Records.But not Jonathan Lee Riches, who was given the record for the most lawsuits in history by a single person.

Man With Most Lawsuits In History

Instead he decided to sue Guinness. Yes he filed a lawsuit for being named as the person with the most lawsuits in history. Oh the irony…

He is said to have filed over 2600 lawsuits since 2006, with some sources citing over 4000 if you were to include the ones from before 2006.

Some of the people he has sued include George W Bush, Steve Jobs, Britney Spears, Perez Hilton and Rockstar games just to name a few.


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