Did You Know A Lost Wallet Is More Likely To Be Returned If It Contains A Baby Photo?

It seems as though even thieves have a softer side. A study carried out by Scottish researchers showed that a wallet containing a photo of a baby was more likely to be returned than one without.

Wallet Containing Baby Photo More Likely To Be Returned

In the study, 240 wallets were left on the streets of Edinburgh. They either contained a photo of a baby, puppy, family, elderly couple or no photo at all. Some even had evidence of a recent donation to charity.

The wallets containing the picture of a baby had the best return rate with 88% of wallets being returned. This was followed by the puppy with 53%, then the family with 48% and the elderly couple with 28%.

The wallets with a charity donation ticket had a 20% return rate whereas the wallets without a photo only had a 15% return rate.

So if you’re ever worried about losing you’re belongings, then don’t forget to stick a picture of a cute baby in!

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