Did You Know A Baby Can Sense Light In The Womb?

At just 3 months gestation, a baby begins developing hearing and can respond to noises in the form of kicks or pokes.

Baby Senses Light In The Womb

What’s even more remarkable is that a baby can also sense light through the womb and respond in certain ways. This happens around after 3 months gestation.

Despite the baby’s eyes still fused shut at this point, light can still be sensed. Just like we can sit out in the sun with our eyes closed yet still sense bright light.

Light get’s through the mother’s abdomen quite easily depending on the intensity of the light. The baby can respond by either turning away from the light or towards it.

These movements may not be strong but once the eyes are fully developed around 7 months gestation, the movements will be much stronger and the flutter will definitely be felt.

So there you have it, you now know how to play some peek-aboo using a flash light with an unborn baby!


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