Did You Know The Egg Colour A Hen Will Lay Can Be Determined By It’s Earlobe Colour?

First of all, you’re probably thinking, chickens have earlobes? The answer is yes they do! They’re just usually hard to see because they have feathers covering them.

Colour Of Chicken Earlobe Egg Colour

In general, you can confidently say what colour egg a hen will lay just by knowing the colour of it’s earlobe. A chicken with white earlobes will have white coloured eggs and a chicken with red earlobes will have brown coloured eggs.

There are exceptions such as the Aracuana breed which have red earlobes and lay blue-green eggs. There’s also the Dorking breed which have red earlobes and lays white eggs.

So the next time you’re on a farm, impress the farmer by foretelling what colour eggs his chickens will lay…


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