Did You Know Astronauts Must Sleep Near Fans Or They Could Die In Their Sleep?

As if it isn’t cold enough in space already. In order to survive, you’ll need a fan to make sure you get some good night’s sleep and then hopefully wake up!

Astronaut Need Fans When Sleeping

Unlike here on Earth, warm air does not rise in space. That’s thanks to the lack of gravity up there. So there has to be some means of circulating the air around.

If there is no circulation, the carbon dioxide you breathe out will just form a bubble around you’re nose meaning eventually there would not be enough oxygen being breathed in.

The best case scenario would be the astronaut waking up with a banging headache and desperately gasping for air. The worst case scenario would be death.

So a ventilator fan is essential for an astronaut to get some good night’s sleep.

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