Did You Know A Formula One Car Can Drive Upside Down?

Driving fast enough, a formula one car can actually be driven upside down in a tunnel.

Formula One Car Driving Upside Down

Although it has not been tested in real life so far, theoretically it can be done.

Once a car produces enough downforce, that is equal to the weight of the car, then there should be no problem with driving upside down. This downforce is the downward pressure that is created due to the F1 car’s wings and keeps the car as close as possible to the ground.

Dr Afzal Suleman, an aeronautical engineer at the University of Victoria also believes it is possible. At a speed of around 150km/h, the F1 car should be able to drive upside down.

In terms of downforce, Dr Suleman believes drivers experience 3 G’s, which is three times the weight of the F1 car!

Although this theory has not yet been tested, we would highly recommend you not trying this at home…for obvious reasons…

We’re sure the folks at RedBull are already on to it.

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