Did You Know A Crocodile Can Digest A Steel Nail?

The crocodile digestive system is a whole lot different to the one we humans possess. That’s due to the way its jaw is and also due to the nature of it’s diet.

Crocodile Can Digest Steel Nails

The mouth of the crocodile is so big it actually stops it from being able to chew, so there is no ability of a side to side motion like you get with a cow. The tongue of a crocodile also cannot be moved.

So for this reason a crocodile uses a snapping motion with it’s jaw to break down it’s prey into smaller pieces. But it also ends up eating solid parts such as the horns, hoofs etc. So the question is how does it digest all this?

The way it overcomes this problem is with it’s digestive juices. These are so strong that it can actually digest a steel nail with these juices. This digestive juice is made up of high concentration hydrochloric acid.

Although it can digest steel nails, rumours are they’re not very nutritious!


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