Did You Know You Are Around 1 Centimetre Taller In The Morning Than The Night Before?

During the day, the discs between our vertebrae and the spinal fluid become compressed. This is all thanks to our good friend gravity.

Taller In The Morning

The same happens in other parts of our body such as the knees where the cartilage becomes compressed due to the vertical force of gravity.

However at night when we are lying in bed, the vertical forces are not there as our body is no longer in a vertical position. The discs then have the opportunity to resorb fluid and become thicker. The cartilage in other parts of the body also takes up it’s normal form.

So in the morning, you actually end up being around a centimetre taller than you were the night before!

Of course most people will not realise this, unless someone is measuring their height constantly which usually leads to raised eyebrows when comparing measurements from the nigt before…


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