Did You Know A Frog Vomits By Throwing Up It’s Entire Stomach?

In order to vomit, a frog has to throw up it’s entire stomach. A frog throwing up is actually a spectacular thing as you will see.

Frog Throws Up Stomach

It has to do this because this is the only way of getting rid of unwanted contents from their stomachs. They don’t have a ‘gag’ reflex like us. When they throw up their stomach, they use their forearms to scrape away all the unwanted contents.

When it’s finished, it just swallows the stomach back up. Simple!

Apparently this discovery was made on a space mission, but we can’t find any sources!

And if you’re wondering what a typical episode of frog vomit looks like, you’ll need a strong stomach for the following video (no pun intended).  Here you go:

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