Did You Know Four Is The Only Number To Contain The Same Amount Of Letters As It’s Value?

Impress your friends with this cool math fact. The number 4 is actually quite unique, being the only number to contain the same amount of letters as it’s value. If you think about it, that’s quite mind boggling, considering numbers go on forever!

Four Contains Same Letters As It's Value

So unless in the near future, someone decides to write out the longest number ever which has never been given a name before and then decides to give it a name with the same amount of letters as it’s value (good luck with that!), the number four can stand tall and proud of it’s unique characteristic.

Whilst we’re on the number four, here’s something extra. The number 4 is also the smallest composite number, meaning the smallest positive number which can be divided by a number other than 1 and itself. Nice.

So there you go, now you know the only number which has the same number of characters as it’s value!

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