Did You Know Chewing Gum Whilst Peeling Onions Stops You From Crying?

For some people chewing gum whilst peeling and chopping onions stops them from crying. Here’s why it works.

Chopping Peeling Onions Chewing Gum

When you cut an onion, you break down the cells and therefore the cell contents are released. Enzymes from within now mix and form a sulfur compound which when it hits the eyes, makes them tear.

In order to stop them tearing, we need to of course keep this compound from coming into contact with our eyes. One way of doing this is by breathing through one’s mouth. If a person is breathing in the compound into their mouth, then they are preventing a significant amount of the compound from reaching their eye.

When a person chews gum, they are inevitably breathing through their mouth. This means that less of the sulfur compound can reach the drainage system which releases tears when irritated enough.

So there you have it, you now know a method to stop you from crying whilst peeling onions!

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