Did You Know A Search Session On Google And Boiling A Kettle Produce The Same Amount Of CO2?

Hard to believe but actually quite true. It’s amazing how small things leave such a big carbon footprint.

Google Search CO2

A typical Google search will produce approximately 0.2g of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Of course this is actually a bit less than what a kettle produces. However the brainy people behind the findings take into account that a user does not always find what they’re looking for after one search and therefore take into account it could take a few searches.

U.S physicist Alex Wissner-Gross claimed that one Google search produced 7g of CO2 after he conducted some research on the search engine. That would mean 2 Google searches would produce the same amount of CO2 as a boiling kettle! However, Google did not agree and were of the opinion a search only yielded around 0.2g of CO2 as mentioned above.

Either way, it’s now a lot clearer that a person’s carbon footprint is probably a lot larger that they thought. Even a Google search produces CO2, which of course contributes to global warming.

So there you have it, you now know about the CO2 produced when searching on the internet.

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