Did You Know A Saint Once Stayed On The Same Pillar For 37 Years?

That’s right, a saint by the name of Simeon Stylites spent 37 years living on a platform on top of a pillar. This area was around one square metre!

Saint Simeon Stylites

Saint Simeon Stylites was a monk who was born in the 4th century and lived until the year 459. He got his name Stylites from the greek word style which means pillar.

He was famous for his acts of seclusion and extreme fasting practices. At one point in his life, he went throughout Lent without any food and water leading to people claiming that this was a miracle and that Saint Simeon Stylites was a true man of God.

His stories made him famous and therefore many people would come and visit him asking for guidance and prayers. However Saint Simeon did not like the attention and sought some place where he could go and be alone.

Saint Simeon then found some old ruins where a pillar was still erect and a platform remained at the top. It was here that Saint Simeon decided that he would stay and live the rest of his life. Children would come and climb the pillar to hand him bread and milk.

Saint Simeon died in the year 459 after spending 37 years on top of the pillar. After his demise, many people began imitating his ways, so much so that for the next 100 years, people living on pillars was a common site.

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