Did You Know A Computer User Blinks Only 7 Times A Minute On Average?

Feeling that computer eye strain again? It’s probably because you’re not blinking enough.

Average Computer User Blinks

A person normally blinks around 20 times per minute and this is sufficient for the eye to be replenished with tears containing oxygen, whilst at the same time getting rid of unwanted debris.

However when we are surfing away on our computers, we tend to blink a lot less, around 7 times which is more than half the average! It happens because we’re concentrating so much on the screen we don’t want to close our eyes. No wonder they start stinging!

Many people end up going to their opticians complaining of eye strain but it almost always ends up being the problem of blinking. Opticians usually recommend taking a break from you’re computer every 20 minutes so you’re eyes can have a good rest and get replenished.

So there you go, now you know how many times on average a computer user blinks.

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