Did You Know An Electric Eel Can Produce Up To 600 Volts of Electricity?

It’s true, they don’t mess about these eels. They’re equipped with one of the most deadly defense systems in the marine world. They can generate up to a whopping 600 volts.


Found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins, the electric eel is famous for it’s electricity producing ability and in the science world it’s famous because scientists had problems with classifying the species. So much so that it was given it’s own classification family, Electrophoridae, before being placed into Gymnotidae.

As mentioned before, the eel can produce up to 600 volts meaning it has the potential to kill a human. But most eel related human deaths are not due to the electric shocks administered by the eel.

The reason for this is that eels rarely produce maximum voltage in response to anything. For example if a human was to brush past an eel whilst swimming, the eel would only produce slight shocks to give a warning.

Most eel related human deaths have actually come as a result of a person being shocked and then drowning as a result of the jolt.

To put it into perspective the power of these animals, you can search the net for a video in which an electric eel lights up a christmas tree.

So there you go, there’s some interesting information on the electric eel.

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