Did You Know A Monkey Was Once Taken To Court For Smoking A Cigarette?

It might be hard to believe, but a monkey was tried and convicted for the crime of smoking. Maybe if someone told you the monkey trial happened in 1924 that would make it easier to believe?

Monkey Tried Convicted Smoking Indiana

It happened back in 1924 in Southbend, Indiana. The strict laws of the state meant that smoking was illegal, no questions about…even if you were a monkey.

Having been seen smoking, the monkey was taken to court and tried for the crime. The monkey was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of $25 as well as costs for the trial.

Following this rather weird event, Indiana released another law which was rather weird in itself. This new law stated that it was illegal to force a monkey to smoke a cigarette. What?!

So there you have it, a weird fact that’s probably still got you’re eyebrow raised!

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  1. hahaha! that’s crazy!


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