Did You Know A Cockroach Can Live Without It’s Head?

Yep, it’s true. As bizarre as it sounds, a cockroach can survive without it’s head and here’s why.

In order for us humans to survive, we need to breathe, eat, drink and make sure our blood is being pumped around the body. Unlike us, cockroaches don’t need their heads for all these processes to occur.

Cockroach Live Without Head

We humans use our brains to control our breathing through our mouth and nose and therefore without it we can’t survive. On the other hand for cockroaches, they have small holes called spiracles found on different segments of their body, through which all the breathing happens.

We also need a good oxygen supply to our tissues around the body. Oxygen gets around thanks to the blood and vessel transport system. If our head was to be cut off, we would bleed to death because we humans maintain a high blood pressure to get the blood around our body.

But cockroaches don’t transport oxygen in their blood, they get it from the breathing system mentioned above with special pipes called tracheae relaying the oxygen direct to the tissue.

Finally food, something we can never get enough of and can’t exactly survive without for very long…literally. But to eat food, we need our heads!

This is not the case for cockroaches. The reason for this is that they are cold blooded and therefore have significantly lower metabolism levels than us. So they don’t need to eat much. In fact, it has been recorded that some have survived without food for up to 4 weeks! This explains why losing their heads does not affect them straight away. EEK!

So there you have it, you now know how cockroaches survive without a head!

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