Did You Know Beyonce’s Former Bodyguard Weighed Over 400 Pounds?

Beyonce Bodyguard ShortyBeyonce Knowles' former bodyguard weighed over 400lbs and was responsible for her guardianship in the early years of her career. He was called Shorty, yet he was anything but short. His exact weight was once cited at 491 pounds. Shorty also measured in at 6ft 8in, so yeah, quite the opposite of Shorty. He was also known as Big Shorty. Shorty

Did You Know That Clownfish Change Gender?

Clownfish Change GendersClownfish change genders and this is a relatively unknown fact about the fish made famous by the movie Finding Nemo. They are all born male so therefore a clownfish sex change must take place in order to breed. At one time, there will only be one female clownfish in a group who will only mate with one dominant male who is usually the biggest. When

Did You Know That Black Attracts Heat?

black attracts heatYou must have heard that black attracts heat at some point of your life. It's the reason why you always see people wearing predominantly white clothes in the summer and not many wearing black clothes. Yet have you ever wondered why? Let's explain it in simple terms. First we need to understand that light and heat are two different types of energy.

Did You Know That No Two Snowflakes Are Alike?

No Two Snowflakes AlikeIt's difficult to believe but no two snowflakes are alike. Yes that's right, every snowflake is unique. The marvellous and beautiful shapes created each time are different every time. Of course it cannot be completely proven as every single snowflake that ever dropped has not been documented. Yet of those that have been analysed under the

Did You Know Flies Vomit Upon Landing?

Flies Vomit On LandingWe already know flies aren't the most clean of insects thanks to the things they like to hang around on but did you know flies vomit on food in the process of eating it? Now this is only for the housefly, not all flies as there are different types and they don't vomit every single time they land. They will only vomit when they want to feed.

Did You Know Ears And Noses Continue To Grow Until The End of Life?

Ears and Nose GrowthYou'd think that all aspects of our body would stop growing around the age of 20. That is true for the most part, except for our ears and noses. They seem to have a mind of their own! There are a number of reasons which contribute to our ever growing ears and noses. One of these is that as we age, the skin of the nose and ears begins to sag...eh!

Did You Know Elvis Died On The Toilet?

Elvis Died On ToiletHe was called the King of Rock, yet as the jokes go, he died laying some rocks... It's not entirely sure if Elvis died on the toilet but all the information and facts point towards that conclusion. At the time of his death, Elvis wasn't in the best of states in terms of his health. He was on a cocktail of drugs which it is thought he overdosed