Did You Know Ears And Noses Continue To Grow Until The End of Life?

Ears and Nose GrowthYou'd think that all aspects of our body would stop growing around the age of 20. That is true for the most part, except for our ears and noses. They seem to have a mind of their own! There are a number of reasons which contribute to our ever growing ears and noses. One of these is that as we age, the skin of the nose and ears begins to sag...eh!

Did You Know Elvis Died On The Toilet?

Elvis Died On ToiletHe was called the King of Rock, yet as the jokes go, he died laying some rocks... It's not entirely sure if he actually died on the toilet but all the information and facts point towards that conclusion. At the time of his death, Elvis wasn't in the best of states in terms of his health. He was on a cocktail of drugs which it is thought he overdosed

Did You Know That Banana Peel Whitens Teeth?

Banana Peel Whitens TeethOne of the latest health trends is the process of  teeth whitening using banana peel. The natural aspect has made it an attractive method of teeth whitening. Yet the big question is of course does it really work? You will find mixed reviews from the major health and beauty sites online. The one thing they do seem to agree on however is that

Did You Know A Man Shipped Himself From New York To Texas?

Man Shipped Himself From New York To TexasWhen times get tough, we resort to phone calling loved ones when they're living far away. Unless of course your name is Charles D Mckinley, who shipped himself from New York to his mother in Texas. The shipping clerk was feeling homesick and wanted to pay a visit home. He was informed by someone that it would be cheaper if he just shipped himself

Did You Know Robin Williams Named His Daughter Zelda After The Game The Legend of Zelda?

Robin Williams Daughter ZeldaThe star of Hollywood, Robin Williams had no limits to his awesomeness. Especially after he revealed how he came to name his daughter Zelda. After the game of course! In an advert for the game, Robin Williams talks about the game and how it influenced the name choice of his daughter Zelda Rae Williams. At the time when his wife was pregnant, Williams

Did You Know Sugar Gliders Can Die From A Lack Of Social Interaction?

Sugar Glider DepressionOriginating from Australia as well as New Guinea and Indonesia, sugar gliders have become common as household pets thanks to their weird but rather cute appearance. They are called sugar gliders as their diet consists of nectar and sap from eucalyptus and the fact they actually do glide thanks to a flap of skin between their wrists and ankles. Before

Did You Know There Is A Person Who Has No Arms But Flies A Plane?

Jessica_Cox_SpeakerBorn without any arms, Jessica Cox had to make many changes in life compared to others in order for her to do things which most people take for granted. But her most extraordinary achievement? Flying a plane without arms. Jessica has learned to drive a car, eat food, play the piano and many other things by using her feet. Flying was something