Did You Know Volkswagen Owns Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Seat and Skoda?

Volkswagen Owns LamborghiniIf a person was to mention Volkswagen, you wouldn't quite get the excitement and attention as you may well get with the mention of a Lamborghini. Yet unknown to many is that Volkswagen owns Lamborghini. In fact Volkswagen also owns Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Seat and Skoda! Volkswagen itself is a German automotive company with

Did You Know There Is A Frog That Let’s Itself Freeze Into A Frogsicle?

The Freezing FrogWe all wish we could just skip winter and escape the freezing cold. However there is an animal that does just that! The Wood Frog, Rana Sylvatica, has the ability to freeze itself in freezing temperatures, then melt and wake up when things warm up a bit! Found in the fitting country of Canada, the frog has a body and mechanisms designed to

Did You Know A Man Decided To Pay His Restaurant Bill 70 Years After A Dine And Dash?

Man Paid Restaurant Bill 70 Years LaterYou would think dashing from a $1 meal over 70 years ago would have slipped the mind less than a month after the deed. However, for one man the guilt was still so strong he decided to pay up over 70 years later! It occurred in 1941 when the person in question was just 10 years old. He and a friend had dined at Lamb's Grill in Salt Lake City,

Did You Know There Are More Stars In The Universe Than Grains Of Sand In The World?

More Stars In Universe Than Grains Of SandIt's mind boggling numbers, but with some estimation maths, it's probably correct to say there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. Some crazy maths let's us come to this conclusion. There are 100 to 400 billion stars in just the Milky Way alone. In the Universe it is thought that there are 100 billion galaxies

Did You Know A Snake At Google Escaped For Real Around April Fools?

Google April Fools SnakeProbably not what u want when it's April Fools. A snake escaping from it's enclosure at the offices of Google! The three foot ball python managed to escape and was on the loose in the New York offices. So, the search was on...no pun intended. An exterminator, Google's security team and it's owner were all searching for the fugitive. The

Did You Know A London Skyscraper Reflects The Sun So Well It Melts Cars?

London Skyscraper Melts CarsLondon, not exactly a place known for exotic weather. But now there's a skyscraper that's melting cars! Covered in a reflective surface and possessing a concave surface, the building is hot trouble when the sun shines because all the heat is directed into a small area. So far it has managed to melt parts of a car parked opposite to it and

Did You Know An Amazing Coincidence Makes The Moon Appear The Same Size As The Sun During An Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse CoincidenceOne of Earth's free entertaining shows, the solar eclipse is definitely one of the most spectacular. But have you ever stopped to wonder something bizarre?   During the solar eclipse, the moon appears to be more or less the same size as the sun yet we know quite well that the moon is much smaller. So how does it match in size? It's all

Did You Know That The Appearance Of Aladdin Was Based On Tom Cruise?

Aladdin Based On Tom CruiseThe young hunk from the very popular Disney cartoon Aladdin was in fact based on the appearance of Tom Cruise! Initially Aladdin was to be a 13 year old character. However this changed to 18 and thats when his character profile needed some inspiration. Parts of his physique were based on teen idols and movie actors at the time. Initially it

Did You Know Facebook Pays People For Finding Bugs On The Site?

Facebook Pays HackersIn some ways you could say that Facebook pays people for being able to successfully hack the site. But yeah, if you discover bugs and flaws on the site, Facebook will pay you if they're real threats to the site. Named the Bug Bounty Program, it was set up so people could report security issues and be rewarded for it. So far the program has proved

Did You Know A Man Staged His Own Kidnapping So He Could Go Out And Party?

Man Staged His Own KidnapIt don't get more desperate than this folks. A man decided he would stage his own kidnapping in front of his wife so he could go enjoy a night out with friends! Rogelio Andaverde staged the event at his house when he was with wife Maria Hernandez at night. 2 masked men entered the house, allegedly wielding guns and kidnapped Rogelio. Shocked