Did You Know There Is A Person Who Has No Arms But Flies A Plane?

Jessica_Cox_SpeakerBorn without any arms, Jessica Cox had to make many changes in life compared to others in order for her to do things which most people take for granted. But her most extraordinary achievement? Flying a plane without arms. Jessica has learned to drive a car, eat food, play the piano and many other things by using her feet. Flying was something

Did You Know An Artist Drew A Realistic Self Portrait And Used It For His Passport Visa?

Self Portrait For VisaWhen Polish artist Rafal Bujnowski wanted to visit the United States, he had more planned than just a pilot's course in Manhattan. He had an art project lined up. To travel to the US, he needed to apply for a US visa. Of course the visa application needed a photo of himself. This is where he thought of drawing a self-portrait of himself and

Did You Know British Police Fired 7 Shots Into An Innocent Man’s Head And Then Later Tried To Cover It Up?

Jean Charles De Menezes Cover UpJean Charles de Menezes was a brazilian man who was shot dead at close range by The London Metropolitan Police. A total of 7 shots were fired into his head at point blank range. Mr Menezes was unfortunately misidentified as a suspect in a failed bombing attack the day before. He was killed just 2 weeks after the London bombings. He had no

Did You Know The Fastest Talking Woman In The World Recited 603.32 Words In 54.2 Seconds?

Fran Capo Fastest SpeakerThe extraordinary 'motor mouth', Fran Capo is the fastest talking woman in the world. Just to give you an idea of how fast, she recites the story of The 3 Little Pigs in a mind blowing 15 seconds. Her amazing speed means she is at the time of writing, the fastest speaking woman in the world. She has broken the record twice! The record is 603.32

Did You Know There Are People Who Have Taken Out UFO Abduction Insurance?

Alien Abduction InsuranceNo you're not seeing things (no pun intended). There is insurance available that covers you if you were to be abducted by aliens. Yet the even more peculiar thing is that people have gone ahead and taken this policy out! Now we're sure that these people have taken it out all in the name of humour. Atleast we think anyway! The insurance claims

Did You Know A Killer Whale Committed Suicide By Repeatedly Bashing It’s Head?

Hugo Killer Whale Committed SuicideHugo, the famous killer whale of Florida committed suicide in 1980 after he constantly kept banging his head into the walls of the tank which he inhabited. It was clear Hugo was not happy for some time as is demonstrated by one of the events leading up to his death. Hugo managed to smash a nine inch hole into the wall of his tank, leading to

Did You Know Butterflies Taste Food With Their Feet?

Butterfly Tastes Food With It's FeetFeet are probably the last thing you want hovering around your food. However, the butterfly tastes food using it's feet! Unlike us, butterflies don't have a mouth to eat their food. Instead they have what's called a proboscis, which is a straw like structure used to suck up nectar juices. Yet this proboscis is not specialised to taste food. Instead